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Handover of 110 kV power grid from NGC to the attached power: Ensure effective business
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Approximately 2,000 workers at local high voltage grids will transfer to provincial power companies and will ensure maximum benefits for employees in the units.
This is the content of the signing ceremony of the handover of the 110 kV power grid from the Northern High Voltage Grid Company (NGC) to its affiliated power companies, opening a new phase of development. Service activities out of production and business activities, ensuring effective business.
Transform the activity model
Nguyen Phuc Thinh - Director of NGC - said that starting from 0h on December 1, 1818, the 110 kV high voltage grid from NGC was officially handed over to 24 Electricity Companies of provinces / cities (except 3 Hai Phong Electricity Company, Hai Duong and Ninh Binh). This is also the historical milestone marking the transformation of NGC's operational model, restructuring after 13 years of operation management of 220/110 kV grid.
The Board of Executives appointed 110 shareholders to attend the Company's shares as follows:
Thieu Kim Quynh, Chairman and CEO of EVN, said that this is the move of EVNNPC to implement the Government's guidelines. and the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to restructure, rearrange businesses to ensure effective business, meet the competitive retail electricity to 2020-2022.
According to Thieu Kim Quynh, the handover will create a unified uniformity in managing the operation of the high voltage grid to medium voltage, reducing the time of power supply and troubleshooting; The scale of operation management is in line with the decentralization of EVN and GC.
NGC will transfer the status quo of assets, capital, labor, equipment and tools, IT infrastructure, operational management boundary, measurement boundary and management of 110 power grid operation. kV of the provincial high voltage grid branches of NGC about the corresponding provincial power companies ... At the same time, ensure all workers after the conversion will arrange suitable jobs, peace of mind work .
Providing high quality services
After the transmission of the high voltage grid to the provincial power company, NGC will be renamed Northern Power Service Company and officially put into operation on January 1, 1919 with the new mission and mission. .
According to EVNNPC, the establishment of the Northern Power Service Company not only creates a professional and professional way of operating the corporation, but more importantly, it will bring high-quality electricity services. , meet the requirements of customers using electricity and the right trend of the market power.
Mr. Phan Tu Luong - Director of Lao Cai Power Company, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Northern Power Services Company - said that all tasks performed by the Northern Power Company to the root cause, the most profound is that along with the power companies improve the quality of service, improve the quality of electricity, satisfy customers ..., step by step delete the thinking "electricity is monopoly".
As for EVNNPC's leaders, the corporation will create the best conditions for the Northern Electric Service Company to invest in the latest technology, develop the best services to serve the customers. . "In the first quarter of 2019, the policy will be reviewed to ensure maximum benefits for employees in the units. Require attached units not to happen unsafe on the 110 kV grid in the transition period "- EVNNPC leadership directs.
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